How The Wellbeing Studio became a bespoke health and fitness centre

The Wellbeing Studio is a haven for people looking for a place to work on their health and fitness goals with care and attention from knowledgeable, passionate professionals using state-of-the-art facilities.

Set in the coastal town of Clevedon, in Somerset, and founded by health and fitness expert Sara Anderson, the Wellbeing Studio has been helping people reach their personal fitness and wellbeing goals since 2011.


Sara Anderson

Owner of The Wellbeing Studio

After 20 years in the health industry, I know a holistic approach to health is by far the most effective

Sara is a highly qualified nutritional therapist, a personal trainer, a qualified sport and exercise scientist, a sports nutrition and fertility specialist and a freelance health and fitness writer.


The Team


Rachel & Zac



Jackie Wilson


Lisa Jones-circle.png

Lisa Jones

Psychotherapist and wellness coach

Katie Brooks.png

Katie Brooks

Injury Rehabilitation & Sports Massage


Finnola Staples

Yoga Instructor


Paul Welcomme

Counsellor, psychotherapist and coach

Melissa Mann-circle.png

Melissa Mann

Pilates instructor


Our ethos

After over a decade of working one-to-one with clients, Sara realised that operating in one specialisation at a time only served to fragment their needs. In order to really make an impact, she integrated traditional body approaches such as personal training, yoga and dietetics alongside support for the mind including psychotherapy and counselling under one roof.


Our space

The Wellbeing Studio combines this holistic ethos with a total commitment to quality of care. We have brought in the best possible professionals, created a calm and relaxing environment and invested in the best possible amenities and equipment, ultimately ensuring a motivational and private space for our guests.