Personal trainer-
Sara Jane Anderson

Sara is the founder of the Wellbeing studio, a highly qualified nutritional therapist, qualified sport and exercise scientist, personal training expert, sports nutrition and fertility specialist. Sara wants every one of her clients to find the right combination of training and therapy room sessions to succeed in their health and fitness goals.

What will I get from training with Sara?

 Sara will create a bespoke program to match your personal goals and aspirations. She will help you to structure your training and introduce more varied and effective exercises to challenge every aspect of your health and fitness requirements, ensuring your journey to improved health and happiness is both effective and stress-free.

Who is personal training for? 

Do you want to improve your fitness levels, lose weight, tone up or train for a specific event but aren’t sure how to get started or how to achieve your goals? Personal Training is the perfect solution for you.

What should I expect?

Sessions last 1 hour and can either be booked individually or as a course of 12. Please wear comfortable loose clothing and trainers.

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About Sara Anderson

Sara has led a successful career in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years and the concept of The Wellbeing Studio is a culmination of her extensive knowledge, experience and passion for health and wellness. She is a highly qualified nutritional therapist, a qualified sport and exercise scientist, a personal training expert, sports nutrition and fertility specialist and freelance health and fitness writer.

The holistic atmosphere of The Wellbeing Studio is not intimidating or daunting and the training is all about the client and not the trainer. I liked the non-pretentious and truly personal nature of the training. Sara is completely flexible and adaptable to suit the client and really listens to any concerns, worries and more than happy to provide advice.”

“I started my sessions with Sara nearly 2 years ago and I still find each session stretching, interesting and enjoyable. I have never maintained a fitness programme for this length of time before. Because Sara varies the programme and activities each week I have never had the chance to get bored. There has never been anything I haven’t enjoyed and even when I have found some aspects tougher I know it’s worth gritting my teeth and battling on as I will reap the benefits in coming weeks and see improvements in what I can achieve. I am fitter now than I have ever been. I would recommend personal training at TWS with Sara to anyone.