Hypnobirthing and baby massage

Combining hypnobirthing and baby massage into a complete support service for parents and babies in each tender transition from pre- to postnatal care.

What is hypnobirthing and baby massage?

Hypnobirthing encourages women to have a relaxed, calm and positive pregnancy and birth experience by using visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques in the lead up to and during labour.
Baby massage gives parents, carers and their babies quality time together, learning to listen and respond to cues, which helps with the postnatal bonding process.

What are they for?

Hypnobirthing teaches mothers and birthing partners meditative skills to deal with their anxieties and concerns around pregnancy and birth, as well as practical tips on how to engender a positive mindset in labour.

Who is it for?

Birthing partners, fathers, mothers (experienced or not), carers and new babies.

What should I expect? 

An in-depth antenatal hypnobirthing or baby massage program is a 4-week course, held in small groups. Each hypnobirthing session lasts 2-3 hours and baby massages are in slots of 1 hour. Prices start from £50 for each course.

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About Vicki Inker

Vicki used hypnobirthing techniques during her own pregnancy and labour.

This encouraging experience compelled her to train as a hypnobirthing teacher. Not long after her son was born she discovered baby massage helped in the tricky ‘fourth trimester’ and wanted to be able to offer other parents and babies a complete support service in each tender transition from pre- to postnatal care.

Vicki has trained through the Royal College of Midwives accredited courses in KG Hypnobirthing and Blossom & Berry Baby Massage.

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