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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the use of food as a medicine to bring the body’s systems into balance, promoting natural healing capabilities and optimum health.

Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional Therapy Pricing Food is a very powerful healer and the body has an amazing ability to repair itself. When the body is provided with the right nutrients from good food sources conditions may be completely reversed, or symptoms substantially reduced.

Nutritional Therapy’s holistic approach incorporates the whole person, their environment and their circumstances, and combines it with the science of the body’s biochemistry and disease processes.

The fundamental view of nutritional therapy is that many common diseases arise from imbalances in the biochemistry of the body’s natural systems, and that balance can be restored by careful tailoring of the natural substances in the diet.

There isn’t one specific diet that is ideal for all; nutrition is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Everyone has different needs, wants and requirements. Nutritional programs are designed to prevent illness as well as identify and address any underlying cause of health problems, instead of simply focusing on symptoms. 

A nutritional therapist will help you achieve your full potential by designing a nutritional and lifestyle program that is specifically tailored to your individual needs. One that is realistic and can fit into your everyday life taking into consideration the time you have available, and what you do and don't enjoy eating and cooking. If necessary nutritional supplements and/or testing may also be recommended.

Nutritional Therapy can be undertaken alongside conventional treatments from your GP or alternative therapies. It can be a wonderful addition to your treatment plan and path to health. Often an integrated approach to healthcare can be the most effective.

For more information on Nutritional Therapy or to book an appointment please call Sara on 07766 755982.

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Sara Anderson

Tel: 07766 755982

Nutritional Therapist

Sara Anderson, founder of The Wellbeing Studio, is a Nutritional Therapist with a highly regarded Distinction Diploma of Nutritional Therapy from Premier Training International, and is a registered member with the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

Sara loves good food and believes healthy food should never be boring. Instead of nutrition being a rigidly strict discipline with masses of restriction, she believes it should be about great food from good sources, well cooked, and thoroughly enjoyed!

A nutrition consultation with Sara will help address the underlying causes of your health problems, rather than simply treating the symptoms. By working with you acknowledging your individual needs, goals and lifestyle, she will give you the knowledge and confidence to use food and supplements to improve your health.

Sara specialises in nutrition for fertility and is the Lead Nutritionist for the fertility charity Foresight Preconception. She regularly features in national health and fitness press, tutors in nutritional therapy, is a successful personal trainer and fitness expert, and runs both nutrition and fitness workshops and courses.

For more information on Nutritional Therapy or to book an appointment please call Sara on 07766 755982.

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