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Holistic Massage

Holistic massage is a nurturing and creative process, guided by you the client, which can positively influence your whole wellbeing and promote good health.

Holistic Massage
Holistic Massage Pricing

Kerry’s holistic approach to massage therapy is person centred and guided by principles of sensitivity, awareness, knowledge and professionalism. She works by massaging the person not just the body. Working with and being guided by you, Kerry is a sensitive practitioner who offers a completely bespoke massage which is adapted to your physical, mental and emotional needs, physical characteristics and personality. As such each massage is totally unique. Her approach is one of facilitating healing in the body’s tissues. An important feature of this approach is the understanding of the body’s structure, function and malfunction. Anatomy, physiology and pathology are essential components of Holistic massage. A further factor is knowing how to assess the effects of these on a particular client and the consequent links to massage technique, all of which Kerry incorporates into her work.

Kerry works with all manner of issues and has a special interest in the following:

For more information on Holistic Massage Therapy, or to book an appointment, please call Kerry on 07923 320 375.

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Kerry Sheahan

Tel: 07923 320375

Holistic Massage Therapist

Kerry is a fully qualified, MTI and CNHC certified Holistic Massage Therapist. With a prior BSc and PhD in Biological Sciences, Kerry was awarded her Massage Training Institute Level 4 Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology in 2015 and has since gone on to complete a wide range of advanced training including working with those who have suffered or are living with Trauma; Facial Acupressure; specific work on freeing the shoulders; side-lying massage; postural assessment; as well as adapting bodywork for those living with and beyond cancer.

Kerry engages in continuing professional development to keep her work fresh, up to date, and ensure that she can support you in every way possible. Kerry has ongoing Professional Supervision, and continues to undertake Post-graduate Advanced Training.

For more information on holistic massage therapy or to book an appointment, please call Kerry on 07923 320 375.

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