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Registered dietitians are qualified health professionals who assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition problems at an individual and wider public health level.
Dietitian Pricing They use the most up to date public health and scientific research on food, health and disease, which they translate into practical guidance to enable people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

A dietitian will have trained in both hospital and community settings as part of their course. Most dietitians are employed in the NHS, but dietitians also work in the food industry, education, research and on a freelance basis. They are statutorily regulated with a protected title and governed by an ethical code as part of their HCPC registration. This ensures they always work to the highest standards.

Dietitians specialise in applying their knowledge to issues ranging from prescription diets for people suffering from specific medical conditions to recommendations which are designed to improve the health of entire communities through dietary changes.

You may feel you want to make some healthy lifestyle changes to improve an area of concern or manage a long-term illness or condition. Your GP or Consultant may have suggested you speak to a dietitian to help you make some changes to your diet which will have a positive benefit for your health. If so, by seeing a dietitian you will receive evidence-based, practical advice which will fit in with your own personal goals and lifestyle and help you achieve improvements in your health.

For more information on dietetics or to book an appointment please call Jackie on 07770 769322.

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Jackie Wilson

Tel: 07770 769322


Jackie is a Specialist Registered Dietitian who has worked in the NHS as a dietitian for over 20 years, graduating from University of Surrey with a 1st class Hons degree in Nutrition.

She is an experienced health professional and is registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council and is a member of the British Dietetic Association and the Freelance Dietitians Group.

Jackie currently works for the NHS offering specialist dietetics services to consultants, GP practices and a variety of other health  professionals in the Bristol area. She also works with groups of people with diabetes as an Education Facilitator.

She has a specific interest and expertise in:

For more information on dietetics or to book an appointment please call Jackie on 07770 769322.

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