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Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga provides a perfect way to exercise during pregnancy, providing health and fitness, without any strain or stress on the body.
Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga Pricing It encourages awareness of posture with attention to grounding, breathing, gentle stretching and relaxation, allowing you to connect with your unborn child and with the joy of nurturing the new life within. Through gentle movements and stretching there is an encouragement to find ease and comfort in a changing body. It is an opportunity to enjoy time out with guided meditation and deep relaxation to nurture both Mum and growing baby.

The benefits of pregnancy yoga can include:

Keeping the body supple without straining.
Boosting energy.
Relieving stress and anxiety.
Promotes relaxation and aid restful sleep.
Can be used to relieve pain in labour and childbirth.
Can relieve common minor ailments during pregnancy
(e.g. Swollen joints, heartburn, constipation).

During our small, exclusive and very comfortable classes, you will learn yoga techniques which encompass movement, breathe work, mantra, mudra and deep relaxation. Techniques that will aid the physical, emotional and spiritual journey in preparation for the birth of your baby.

Classes also provide a friendly, safe and supportive environment to explore ideas around birth and to meet other expectant mums.

These classes can be attended by any woman in the second trimester until birth.

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For more information on Yoga, or to book a class or private lesson, please call Finnola on 07828 234011.

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Finnola Staples

Tel: 07828 234011

Yoga teacher

Finnola began practising yoga several years ago wanting to find a fulfilling way to cope with the stresses and anxieties of everyday life. Wanting to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga she decided to embark on a six month adventure of learning and discovery across Nepal and India. After trekking the Himalayas and breathing in fresh mountain air she undertook her yoga teacher training certificate in 2014 under the guidance of Indian yogis.

She believes wholly in the benefits of yoga to both body and mind, her classes are open to all levels regardless of shape, size or age. Her classes are both energising and affirmative, the focus being on building strong foundations which can lead to greater strength and flexibility. Above all her classes are a chance to honour yourself, listen to your body and stop and breathe.

Finnola is particularly interested in using yoga to help chronic sleep disorders, anxiety and depression. She aims to create an environment of respect and hopes that you will leave feeling energised and open-hearted.

Finnola completed her Yoga for Pregnancy training in 2015 under the guidance of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Lisa White. Both teachers are highly accomplished and regarded in the field of yoga for pregnancy and birth preparation.

For more information on Yoga, or to book a class or private lesson, please call Finnola on 07828 234011.

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