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Pilates is a highly adaptable exercise programme which uses a distinct method of breathing, resistance and gravity to work the whole body the way it is designed to move.

Pilates Pricing It includes a repertoire of low impact, low repetition stretching and conditioning exercises which strengthen, elongate and restore the body to balance. Focussing on its 8 key principles of core strength, alignment, breathing, co-ordination, relaxation (i.e. only using the muscles needed to execute a movement allowing the others to relax), flowing movement, stamina and concentration, it is suitable for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

We offer both group classes and private one-to-one sessions. A private session will involve an initial assessment of the client’s posture, body type, flexibility, health and lifestyle issues and the development of a tailored programme of Pilates exercises to address the client’s specific needs.

Benefits of Pilates can include:
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For more information on Pilates, or to book a class or private lesson, please call Melissa on 01275 870305.

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Melissa Mann

Tel: 01275 870305

Pilates Instructor

Melissa qualified as a Pilates teacher in 2003 from The Place, the international centre for dance, in London. The course was accredited by The Pilates Foundation, the main governing body for Pilates in the UK, of which Melissa is a full member. She has a PhD in the field of professional-client relationship management. Melissa has worked in London and now in Clevedon and Bristol working with private clients, teaching group classes and within corporate environments. She works in collaboration with physiotherapists, osteopaths, and other health professionals where necessary to full address the needs of the client.

She is particularly
experienced in working
with clients who:

- have neck, back, knee or shoulder problems
- have recently given birth
- lead busy, often stressful lives
- have sedentary, desk
based jobs
- are over 60

For more information on Pilates, or to book a class or private lesson, please call Melissa on 01275 870305.

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